Bottle Pick Rack Mallard ManfacturingBottle Pick Rack Mallard Manufacturing

Mallard’s Bottle Pick Rack improves picking efficiencies for each picks and case-building in wine & spirits order fulfillment. As opposed to storing slower moving SKUs and each picks on static rack, bottle pick rack condenses inventory and provides an orderly gravity flow solution that improves pick rates and accuracy.

Bottle pick is easy to install by simply securing the individual flow lanes into standard selective pallet racking. As you can see from our new spec sheet, troughs can be mounted in 42” or 48” deep rack. You can also integrate the bottle pick rack with other carton flow and/or beverage storage shelving.

The bottle pick troughs decline slightly toward the pick face which improves product visibility and provides more ergonomic positioning for pickers vs bending, reaching and lifting. Inventory is easily loaded from the front aisle in a push-back manner to support LIFO order processing. Our 3D animated video shows the simplicity, order and efficiency of bottle pick rack.

Bottle Pick Rack Video Mallard Manufacturing

Bottle Pick Features

  • Fits 42” or 48” selective pallet rack
  • Stand alone or integrated in carton flow/shelving
  • Material – 14 gauge pre-galvanized steel
  • Optional tek screws to secure beam
  • Hemmed/curved edges provide safe, ergonomic picking

If you have additional questions or would like the Mallard team to test for an ideal bottle pick / carton flow solution with your inventory, let us know. We can come to you or use our in-house testing lab, whatever your preference, just give us a call.