1. Pallet Flow Rack Streamlines Finished Goods Assembly

    Pallet flow rack is a common go-to for streamlined storage and order picking applications.  Now modify that pallet flow lane with a few key Mallard accessories and this simple workhorse becomes a thoroughbred for finished goods assembly. This was exactly the case for a national home goods retailer who turned to the Mallard Engineering Testing Lab to  improve efficiencies in their small piece fur…Read More

  2. Pallet Load Specs Dictate Universal vs. Varied Pallet Flow Lane Configuration

    Pallet flow is, simply put, a gravity flow storage solution for pallet stored material.  Rollers set at a gentle slope glide pallets down to a front position to be picked by a lift when needed.  That’s it.  Simple right? If it were just that easy, we wouldn’t engineer several pallet flow rack system designs to accommodate the multitudes of product and storage needs that are out there.  At …Read More